Senior Care Cottages


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February 10, 2016:
Senior care and assisted living facilities move closer to home and interest in Grannypods is greater than ever.


Senior Living:

Senior care facilities can cost a lot of money, but the use of pods may have tax deductions and you can also re-sell them once granny has moved on.

Can you put a "Granny Pod" Cottage in Your Yard?

Check With Your Local Zoning Laws.

Senior care cottages can seem expensive in the short term, but compared to the price of long term care they can actually be a bargain, and offer a lot more options for Baby Boomers and an aging generation that cannot navigate stairs and cramped homes. Quite a few older homes do not have the necessary electrical or space requirements for medical devices, wheelchairs, or scooters, and may make showering and bathroom use difficult for those with arthritis and disabilities.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: When installing a cottage, be sure that you plan for ease of access, electrical, and plumbing needs in addition to the price of the unit.